I was planning on meeting someone for lunch today. They said they would most likely be available around noon. it was a little before 11, which would have given me a whole hour and then some to accomplish something. But what did I do? I wasted time.

I have a bad habit of not making the best use of time when I am unsure how much time I’ll have or if I feel it is too late to get started.

In Stephen Guise’s book, “How To Be An Imperfectionist”, he describes three types of perfectionistic standards: perfect context, perfect quality and perfect quantity. Within perfect context, are three sub categories: location, time of day and resources.

This was a classic example of not feeling it was the right time of day. There were plenty of tasks I could have accomplished in that given hour, but because it wasn’t the normal time I do those tasks, I chose not to do them.

I wonder how many hours/days/weeks of our lives are made up of these gaps in time? How do we live more intentionally during these times? I’m excited to explore this more and, hopefully, experience more life in the process

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