It will get worse

During the winter months, my home office get’s pretty cold. It’s located in the basement, surrounded by cinder block walls, with one little vent near the ceiling. I spend a majority of my working day in my office.

When it’s time to take a break or get some food, I go upstairs to join the rest of the humans in my house. When I do this, I feel inexplicably more chilled. This is always annoying because I think I should feel better, but I actually feel worse…initially. It usually takes about an hour or so before I start to feel comfortable again which, sadly, is oftentimes when I head back to my office.

It occurred to me this morning that is similar to how much of life works. Areas of our life often get worse (or at minimum, feel worse) on their path to getting better. If you are trying to make a change, do two things: prepare for things to get worse before they get better and believe that the end result is worth the effort.

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